Michael Collins Piper – Zionist Subversion of America


November 5, 2017

judas-goat.jpgTHE JUDAS GOATS: THE ENEMY WITHIN (2006) 


Based on a pattern of past infiltration 

and subversion of the American Nationalist Movement 

by the FBI, ADL, CIA, and Mossad, the “alt-right” 

likely is false opposition.

“Only a small handful of people dare to raise questions about the domination of the American system by an alien force that has no regard for American interests whatsoever.”

Possibly because I didn’t get the title, I overlooked this important book and don’t want to wait another minute to share my discovery. I’ll be featuring it again.


A Judas goat is a trained goat used in general animal herding. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them to a specific destination. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to the slaughter, while its own life is spared. … The term is a reference to the biblical character Judas Iscariot.

Below is a sample of the Table of Contents.

People Piper identifies as Judas Goats are pictured on the left. I imagine that MiloYiannopoulis, Richard Spencer, and Mike Cernovich might be current candidates. Possibly Trump himself.


Nationalism: Prime Target of Zionism (Something has changed since 2005 because Z now backs nationalists) 

The Return of COINTELPRO

Inside the “Controlled Opposition”

226px-Rush-limbaugh.jpg(Rush Limbaugh) 

The Soviet “Trust” Model

J. Edgar Hoover and the Enemy Within

John Roy Carlson–Judas Goat

The Great Sedition Trial of 1944

Collaboration Between the ADL & FBI Accusing Patriots of Being “Traitors”

Walter Winchell: Zionist Front Man Capitol Hill

The ADL’s Secret Role in Firings

Sean_Hannity_by_Gage_Skidmore_3.jpg(l. Sean Hannity) 

The ADL: U.S.-based Spy Agency

First-Hand Encounters with Roy Bullock

The Struggle Between Stalin & Zionism (Evidently he wanted to purge the Zionists)

Zionist Infiltration of the Soviet KGB

Secret Foundation of the Neo-Cons

Neo-Cons Are Trotskyites

Story Behind Joseph R. McCarthy

The FBI & the Communist Party

USA, The Cold War & Trotskyite “Neo-Cons”

170px-Ann_Coulter_2012_Shankbone.JPG(Ann Coulter)

The Zionist Vanguard Early Zionist Corruption of Nationalists William F. Buckley Jr.–Judas Goat

The Vatican’s Own Enemy Within

Fr. Malachi Martin’s Secret Role

“Conservatives” Loot American Patriots

Manipulation of “Anti-Communists”

Advancing the Zionist Agenda 

The John Birch Society: Judas Goats

The Rise and Fall of Human Events

Intelligence Agency Manipulation

Sun Myung Moon: Rockefeller’s Man

alex-jones-640x360.jpg(Alex Jones)

Drew Pearson & Jack Anderson: Shills

Convincing “Right Wing” Patsies to Kill

CIA Infiltration of the Anti-War Movement

Bill, Hillary and John Kerry Play Roles Zionist

“Goats” Ruined GOP in 1940

Judas Goats Ruined Democrats in 2004

The Sad Story of Jesse Helms

Gingrich: Judas Goat from the Start

Zionist Takeover of Law Enforcement

Jared Taylor’s Zionist “Nationalism”

The “Israelization” of America

You can order this book here. Pdf is available here. 

Preface by  Michael Collins Piper – 

The Who, What, When, Where, Why–and How–of the Subversive Forces 

That Have Brought America to Where It Is Today . . . 

It has been said that Napoleon’s defeat led to the rise of the international banking dynasty of the House of Rothschild. It may also rightly be said that Hitler’s defeat led not only to the consolidation of the global power of the House of Rothschild, but also to the corresponding diminution of nationalism, with the notable exception of Jewish nationalism–known as “Zionism”–which received its strongest push forward in the days following the end of World War II.

220px-Michael_Moore_66ème_Festival_de_Venise_(Mostra)_color.jpg(l. Michael Moore)

In fact, since World War II there has been a fervent drive by the Zionist movement to eviscerate the nationalist movement in America and other nationalist forces around the globe. The truth is that, in America at least, since the middle half of the 20th century, those who called themselves “conservatives” have seen the conservative movement (the traditional base of American nationalism) infiltrated and destroyed from within.

The process was long in the making, but ultimately successful, as recent history and current events demonstrate. While many writers have thoroughly explored the tentacles of the Rothschild empire as it encircled the planet, creating war, economic havoc and revolution (profiting therefrom), there has never been–until now–a comprehensive review of the manner in which this dynasty (and the Zionist movement which it nurtured) worked to destroy the American nationalists who stood in the way of their ultimate goal of achieving a global imperium–the so-called “New World Order.”

Neocons.jpg(NeoCons, mostly Jews)

Today, the self-styled “neo-conservatives”–the leaders being oldline Trotskyite communists who’ve retooled their philosophy for modern-day propaganda requirements–are the vanguard of the international Zionist movement that dominates the highest levels of policy-making in the United States, the most powerful nation on the planet.

These Zionist forces maintain a stranglehold over the Republican Party, thanks to their influence within the administration of George W. Bush, who brought them into governing positions, and through their domination of GOP-oriented foundations, think tanks and other institutions that impact on public policy and Republican Party affairs.

Of course, for many years prior to the rise of the Bush-era “neoconservatives,” Zionism (and Rothschild influence) was already well entrenched within the Democratic Party, going back to the mid-19th century when Rothschild agent August Belmont actually served as Democratic Party national chairman. In any case, today, as a direct consequence of this unholy monopoly, international Zionism reigns supreme within (or rather, over) both major political parties in America, not to mention also holding sway over many other politicalentities of opinion, think tanks and other forces in the public arena.


billofront.jpg(Bill O’Reilly) 

Only a small handful of people dare to raise questions about the domination of the American system by an alien force that has no regard for American interests whatsoever. However, the process of infiltration and destruction of the “conservative” movement–which, historically, at least until the mid-20th century, was the foundation for American opposition to the intrigue of the international plutocratic elite–involved much more than the corruption of the conservative philosophy.
In fact, this ugly scenario also included the utilization of U.S. government-paid agents provocateurs, acting in concert with professional infiltrators and subversives working for “independent” (that is, foreign) intelligence agencies operating on American soil. What effectively took place was a classic “pincer movement” scenario that left traditional American nationalism gutted and eviscerated, hardly more than a remnant of a philosophy that was first set forth by American giants such as George Washington, ThomasJefferson, Andrew Jackson and a host of others who followed in their footsteps.

Screen-Shot-2016-04-15-at-6.25.37-PM-300x169.jpg(Laura Ingraham) 

This book is the first-ever study of its kind, providing a framework for understanding the tactics of the Judas Goats, these Enemies Within, and how and why they were able to advance the Zionist dream goal of claiming dominance of the American system and making it their military and economic tool for world conquest.

So while the traditional “conservative” movement has been subverted and made into a force for internationalism (as opposed to nationalism), there are still those stalwart nationalists–even including some self-described “progressives” and “liberals”–who continue to fight the good fight.This volume is a handbook for all true nationalists who want to know the way ofThe Judas Goats–The Enemy Within.

Ultimately, if there is one thing this book should make absolutely clear, it is precisely this: the old labels of “left” and “right” and “liberal” and “conservative” must be abandoned forever. These archaic labels are not only divisive and troublesome, but they are part and parcel of a Grand Design to split the American people–and the peoples of the world–and ensure that the control of our America–and the nations of this planet–remains in the hands of a grasping, greedy, self-interested global Zionist plutocracy.


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