Israel rejects the Russian-US Peace Agreement

Thierry Meyssan — Nov 20, 2017


When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, participated in a meeting of his political party (the Likud), he declared that he is opposed to the US-Russian Peace Plan for Syria.

He cited news published by the BBC that Iran has been authorized to set up a permanent military base at Damascus (see the satellite photos below).

Israel made a request for Iranian troops to commit to keeping at least 40 kilometres from the Israeli-Syrian cease-fire line. The Israeli request appears all the more odd for the following reason: since March 2011, Tel-Aviv has been actively supporting the jihadists and has not stopped providing them with arms and air support. In contrast, Iran has fought the terrorists resulting in blood loss of more than a thousand of its men. It would be astonishing if, having lost this war by proxies, Israel might still have the power to impose its conditions.

It would seem that Russian Minister of Defense, Sergueï Choïgou, qualified this demand as unrealistic, account being taken of Israel’s illegal occupation of Syria’s Golan plateau.

The United States and Russia would be in agreement on a neutral zone, only 15 kilometres away from Golan.

Mr Netanyahu has declared to his audience that the Israeli army had reserved for itself the right to intervene in Syria “for its security needs”.

Photographs of the base of El-Kiswah, situated 14 kilometres from South Damascus

Iran Syrian base Jan 2017. Click to enlarge

Iran Syrian base May 2017. Click to enlarge

Iran Syrian base Oct 2017. Click to enlarge

Anoosha Boralessa



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