German Justice Minister calls abortion law a “relic of the Nazi era”

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2017-12-02 14:51

Heiko Maas is one of the SPD lefties in Angela Merkel’s “Grand Coalition” government cabinet.

By Carolyn Yeager

GERMANY’S JUSTICE MINISTER UNDER CHANCELLOR ANGELA MERKEL, HEIKO MAAS, a member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) has called for a Hitler-era law banning doctors from advertising abortion services to be changed.

Maas called paragraph 219a of the German criminal code a “relic of the Nazi era when the state controlled citizens’ bodies.” The paragraph states that anyone who publicly “offers, announces [or] advertises” abortion services is to be punished with up to two years in jail or must pay a fine. Under the law, German medical practitioners can only offer abortion information in private consultations.

Maas is not alone. Members of the SPD, the Free Democratic Party (FPD), the Green Party and Left party all criticized the verdict in a case involvingKristina Hánel (shown below), a general practitioner in the central German city of Giessen, who included the word “abortion” among the services offered at her clinic. Hánel was fined in November for breaking the law—prompting a cry from the left to rescind the law.

“Anything that gets in our way, we will tear down,” is the attitude of the left.

The so-called conservative parties, Merkel’s CDU and the Bavavian CSU, are against amending the law because doing so would “normalize getting an abortion.” The Catholic bishops association in Germany is also against it. And of course, so would be the Alternative Fuer Deutschland party (AFD), which is not mentioned in the news story from Deutsche Welle. If it were only they who wanted to keep the law as it is, they would be accused of being “Nazis.” But of course, Merkel’s party can’t be accused of that.

Adolf Hitler, still the hero and best leader Germany ever had.

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