Hague War Crimes Tribunal are NATO Fraud


December 1, 2017


Suicide of Bosnia General Wednesday draws attention to NATO Kangaroo
Court in the Hague.
“Why are no Western Nato leaders on trial for ‘war crimes’, for ‘conspiring’,
‘allowing’ etc war crimes in Libya, Syria, Iraq and many other places?”
by Brabantian
The dramatic public suicide of Bosnian Croat General Slobodan Praljak Wednesday in a ‘war crimes trial’ courtroom in the Hague (despite his already having served most of his prison term) was actually the 15th death in custody of the small number of Balkan defendants at the Hague over the last few years, three by suicide and twelve by ‘disease & natural causes.’ It is statistically virtually impossible that so many deaths in a small group of middle-aged men occurred ‘naturally.’
Many of the victims, such as Slobodan Milosevic, were the most insistent on exposing the war crimes of NATO.
Though it is true various war atrocities were committed in the Balkan wars, these ‘war crimes trials’ chose only certain ethnic defendants for prosecution. It was forbidden to prosecute war crimes by Nato, and by Muslim militias.
 Balkan nation leaders and military commanders were being convicted not for committing atrocity acts themselves, but on grounds of ‘conspiring’, ‘allowing’ etc atrocities by others.
By those same grounds, why are no Western NATO leaders on trial for ‘war crimes’, for ‘conspiring’, ‘allowing’ etc war crimes in Libya, Syria, Iraq and many other places? They did much more than conspire.


The ‘impeachment’ of US President Bill Clinton was to extort him into approving an illegal bombing of Serbia & massacre of civilians, which even the murderous Clinton found difficult to stomach. When Clinton agreed to do the bombing, he was ‘acquitted’ and allowed to remain alive for 2 more decades.
Another aspect of the Hague ‘war crimes trials’, is that the judges at times, especially some USA ones, behaved as openly sadistic, psychopathic abusers of their defendants, obsessively seeking to cover up for Nato crimes, such as CIA etc agents weaponizing militias amongst the Balkan populations
 Whatever his past crimes, General Slobodan Praljak, 72, acted with heroic courage, giving his life to inform the world that the Hague ‘war crimes tribunal’ was a fraud meting out ‘victor’s justice’ for Nato propaganda … He died as a warrior telling truth and perhaps earned some forgiveness for what he had done in the past.

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