Human Destiny is at Stake

December 17, 2017

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I feel like a World Series commentator; God’s team is down 10-0 and keeps striking out. It’s depressing.
We are in the twilight of civilization and entering a long Communist Dark Age. All of society’s self-correcting mechanisms — government, media, military, law, education, culture — have been subverted by  Freemasons.  Our “leaders” are all central bank employees. We have been inducted into a satanic cult.
Below, I am updating an article from 2013, “Can God Turn this Game Around?” to emphasize the seriousness of our situation. They have obfuscated the meaning of God in order to discredit Him. God quite simply is the Intelligent Force behind Creation. God is synonymous with perfection, whether it is Truth, Justice, Love, Beauty, Peace and Bliss. We are in love with these things but aretricked into pursuing tawdry facsimiles. Mankind’s mission is to recreate these ideals in our personal lives and in our society. This is the meaning of worship.
Civilization is built on the worship of spiritual ideals. It is running aground because the Illuminati have banished God from public discourse under the guise of “secularism” – a mask for their satanism. Mankind has reached a tipping point.  Society already is in a liberal-communist-induced coma.  An ancient satanic conspiracy threatens to snuff out human promise forever.
Watch some animal videos to remember how much we crave joy and what an incredible miracle life on earth is.
by Henry Makow Ph.D.
(Revised from Oct 28, 2013)

If history were the World Series,  God’s team would be facing elimination. God is breaking a sweat. It’s the bottom of the seventh and He’s trailing badly. The game is Good vs. Evil, the only game in town. The prize is the Human Race.

masoncap.jpg(left. Satan’s team )

It’s the fifth and deciding game of the World’s Series. The last four games have also been disastrous. The English Revolution, The American Revolution. The French Revolution. The Russian RevolutionGod is about to be eliminated.  All these “revolutions” really were about the long-term Cabalist Jewish plan to overturn the rule of God, and replace him with Satan. This is the New World Order.

As God’s team loses every game, increasingly   humanity is satanically possessed.

Sports writers would say God has a problem recruiting talent. His team is short-staffed and weak. Everyone prefers Satan’s team. It’s synonymous with “success.”

God’s recruiting pitch has been, “Seek me and only me. I am Love, Truth and Bliss. I am what you really want.”

Satan has replied, “Enlightenment and bliss are sort of vague. I’ll offer money, sex, power and fame. Now that’s real.”


People are flocking to Satan. They are like a dog with a bone. God is saying, “If you can let go of the bone, you’ll be rewarded with a steak, i.e. enlightenment. ”

But the dog says, ” I can’t imagine this steak. I can’t let go of the bone. I’m addicted to it. Everyone is.  Let me gnaw on this bone.”


People ask me, “what can I do to fight the New World Order?”

Seek perfection within and recreate it without.  Most of us are unable to save ourselves. How are we going to save the world?

This involves self-purification and self-discipline, overcoming the demons greed and sex. It involves praying for direction, and having the strength and courage to follow our highest impulses.

mct.jpg(The media treats this degenerate behavior as “cool”)

Essentially it means leading a dedicated life.

The New World Order is a battle for souls. They don’t want to kill us. They want our souls!  They want us to be their little devils and they are succeeding.

Joining God’s team is spitting in their eye. They hate that. Manifesting our divinity is a real game winner.

The Illuminati is a hydra-headed monster. I am not in favor of quietism. [Definition: “Calm acceptance of things as they are, without attempting to resist or change them.”]

Choose the battle closest to your heart. It might be resisting attempts to restrict gardening or nutritional supplements. It might be 9-11 Truth or “sex education” (pedophile grooming) in schools or pornography on TV. Mainstreaming homosexuality. Choose your position on God’s team.


Homers-Conscious.gif(God’s team tames the beast. Satanists obey the beast.)

We live in a moral dimension. God is omnipotent.

In his book Science of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Daily Mail Science Editor Mike Hanlon writes, “In July 2003, scientists … announced their latest estimate for the number of stars in the Universe – 70 sextillion. That is 7 followed by a mind-boggling 22 zeros… The new estimate means that the number of stars in the visible Universe is larger – quite a bit larger, actually – than the total number of all the grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth…”

The earth is just one speck of sand. Important to us, but small potatoes in the vast scheme of things.

Yet God put us here for a reason. He elevated us to know and manifest Him. We must not drop the ball. We must not miss our Divine rendezvous.
———–Logos tells us that only the creator – God – can create something from nothing.  E Michael Jones on the Rise and Fall of the New Atheism

First Comment by Amar:

Thank you for the article on.  It is getting easier and easier to see the purpose of life on Earth.  The worse this world gets, the easier it is to see that one must let go out of this world to be happy.  One must let go of status, wealth, ego, sex, addictions, etc to be truly happy, internally at forever peace.

I am more and more understanding GOD now.  We all want GOD to please us, to save us, to provide for us but we never ask GOD of how we may please GOD.   We never work on perfecting ourselves to please GOD.  No wonder GOD doesn’t come.

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