Jews Ask Canada to take Israel’s African Cast Offs


January 31, 2018

Israelracism (2).jpg
(left, Beach, Tel Aviv)
Organized Jewry only believes in diversity if
it’s for the goyim. 
That’s why it is asking Canada to integrate more of Israel’s 38,000 African migrants. 
Welcome to the New World Order. The West serves Israel’s 
needs even if they lead to world war.
In the West, only Israel is allowed to retain its racial character. 
Thus, Organized Jewry “combats” antisemitism. This is why unorganized Jewry must speak up.
by Henry Makow Ph.D.
At first, I thought Canada’s AIPAC was asking Netanyahu to settle African migrants in Israel.
“Now that is refreshing,” I thought,”and consistent with Organized Jewry’s commitment to ‘diversity.'”
But on further examination, I realized that this was another instance of Organized Jewry’s  hypocrisy and chutzpah.  Organized Jewry wants us to take Israel’s castoffs.
The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs is “a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of Jewish life in Canada by advancing the public policy interests of Canada’s organized Jewish community.”
These “interests” apparently involve relieving Israel of the burden of 38,000 hapless migrants, mostly from Sudan and Eritrea. The CIJA petition implies Canada is already taking Israel’s cast-offs and demands Canada take more :
“Act Now! Ask the Government of Canada to resettle more African asylum-seekers from Israel.
Many in our community are concerned with the situation facing African asylum-seekers in Israel. As Canadians, we can make a difference by encouraging the Government of Canada to continue playing a constructive role. 
Over the last number of years, tens of thousands of African asylum-seekers have come to Israel as the first safe country they could reach. 


This issue shouldn’t fall on Israel’s shoulders alone. It is a global challenge requiring a global solution.
Canada has taken a lead in sharing international responsibility to help these asylum-seekers, by aiming to resettle thousands in Canada. This reflects the close partnership between Canada and Israel. 
But there is an urgent need to expand the capacity of the Canadian mission in Israel to process asylum-seekers. This would reduce the backlog and allow more of them to resettle in Canada. 
There are many groups in Canada ready on the ground to help with resettlement. All that is required is action from the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. 
We need your help! Email Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship. Encourage the government to take action to ensure more of these asylum-seekers can come to Canada. We’ll send a copy of your message to your local MP.
Israel has approved fewer than 1% of asylum applications since it signed the UN Refugee Convention six decades ago. In contrast, Canada approves about 50%. About 40,000 people have applied in the past year.
Israel has offered their migrants, whom they call “infiltrators” $3500 to leave voluntarily. Otherwise, they will be imprisoned. Israel is hiring “inspectors” to round up migrants but is encountering opposition both domestically and abroad. 


An Ethiopian fashion model who lived in Israel called it “one of the most racist countries in the world.”  This is enforced as follows:
1) Jewish Right of Return: With very few exceptions, only Jews can immigrate. Outside of Russian immigration, immigrants to Israel must prove that their mother was or is Jewish. Christians cannot immigrate to Israel. Muslims most certainly cannot immigrate to Israel.
Why have such a racist law on the books when 20% of the population are Muslim Arabs? Simple. Zionists claim that only Jews deserve a homeland.
2) Jewish Marriage Law
Jews cannot marry anyone other than Jews. Muslims in Israel cannot marry anyone other than Muslims. Even secular Jews cannot marry Christians or Muslims in Israel. This is the law. To marry outside one’s faith, couples need to leave Israel to countries like Cyprus where they can marry and return as a married couple. Even apartheid South Africa abolished the Prohibition of Mixed Marriage act in 1985, prior to which time whites could not marry blacks and vice versa. In Israel, this racism is still going on today! Not just similar to Apartheid, WORSE than Apartheid. In Judaism, to be Jewish, one’s mother must be Jewish. This is Judaism’s only requirement. Since you do not have to believe in God, let alone obey him, Judaism obviously is not a religion.
A correspondent writes: “The African migrant workers are treated the worst by far. They are truly the untouchables. In fact, I’ve never seen an African, other than an Ethiopian Jew, inside any Israeli home, mall or major supermarket. 


(Huot detention camp for migrants)
They almost invariably live in one area near the Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv, many homeless, most crowded in small rooms. The Israeli government doesn’t know what to do with them, and it’s a big problem. They live in slums, are treated terribly, and are looked at as feral cats or rats. They are called names, they are heavily discriminated against.
And Israel is nothing like America in terms of “anchor babies.” Being born in Israel does not guarantee one citizenship unless the baby is Jewish. For non-Jews born to non-citizens, the child is not a citizen and is subject to deportation.” 
Migration is a weapon, an invasion. It’s how Israel was established in the first place. It’s the globalist’s means of dispossessing the founding peoples of the West.
These people are economic migrants.  Three billion people worldwide who live on roughly $2 a day would be happy to join their ranks. Our hearts break for genuine refugees but the most efficacious means of looking after them is near their homelands so they can return and rebuild their countries.
barbara-lerner-spectre (1).jpg

I generally support Israel’s immigration policies. I believe every country has a right to retain its racial character. No one criticizes Japan or China for doing this. Obviously, the Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) agenda is to deny this right to the goyim in the west. I agree with Trump’s policy to preserve America’s demographic character. I regard supporters of illegal immigration as traitors.
I am an assimilated Jew. I identify with people of European origin. I came to Canada legally and I support legal immigration that reflects our demographic character. 
Jews have Israel. They don’t need another national homeland. Americans, Canadians, British, French, Australians, Germans, and Swedes do.  Central bankers and their Masonic toadies in government, education, and media have subverted and eroded their national identity.  (“We will destroy every collective force but our own,” say the Protocols of Zion. 16)
To me, a racist is someone who thinks people are predefined by race. I am not a racist. I believe people are defined as individuals.  We are all different based on our individual inheritance and experience.
I believe humanity is a family of races, each bringing something to the party. I don’t believe in racial superiority. I stand in awe of Black musicians or athletes. I stand in awe of fellow Jews like Artie Shaw. I’m all for large racial minorities.  I just don’t want to be one. I don’t want to be a minority in Canada just because globalists want to use migrants to integrate the West into their one-world tyranny.

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