Insider Reveals Government Did Port Arthur Massacre


March 2, 2018

Bryant.jpg(Port Arthur Patsy, Martin Bryant) 

The Port Arthur massacre of 28-29 April 1996 was a mass shooting in which 35 people were killed and 23 wounded. It occurred mainly at the historic Port Arthur former prison colony, a popular tourist site in south-eastern Tasmania, Australia. It was the deadliest mass shooting in Australian history and amongst the most notable in history.

Martin Bryant, a 28-year-old from New Town, a suburb of Hobart, pleaded guilty to having carried out the shootings and was given 35 life sentences without the possibility of parole. Following the incident, it emerged in the media that Bryant had significant intellectual disabilities.  This staged shooting was the pretext for banning handguns in Australia. 

Aloysius Fozdyke is a longtime member of Sydney’s satanist Alpha lodge, the power behind the government of Australia. He gave the world the Testament of his mentor Frater 616 which revealed the extent of Satanist domination worldwide

We need diversity.”

(as recently whispered by one of our foot-soldiers)

by Aloysius Fozdyke


The Port Arthur operation was organized by the Alpha Lodge in conjunction with the Howard government. It was executed by two SAS men, one of whom died in a helicopter crash (in Queensland, I think) while the other got a posting overseas. Unfortunately one of those men was a poseur who killed sheeple with headshots delivered from his hip.

There was one credible witness, a bitch nurse now herself dead, but the media stayed away from her. I remember laughing as Ray Martin did a televised Port Arthur special showing one of the shooters running down a hill with Martin Bryant’s head cut and pasted onto his neck. It was so artificial, but everyone bought it. Bryant pleaded guilty because he was promised a television set in jail – how good was that? I knew their names but frankly, I don’t know where I put this information, not that it matters.

Australia-for-sale.jpgAussies are thick and gutless. We have long used the land down under to experiment and hone our strategies. For example, last financial year (2016-2017) the Chinese increased their land holdings in Australia by ten times, mostly farmland. This was us again while Aussies are watching cooking programmes and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

And because New Zealand, Canada, the UK, and America are involved in keeping Australia’s constitutional secrets secret, the Chinese government can rape those first world countries of their assets by threatening to publish the details and thereby collapse stock markets, currencies and all of the American managed retirement funds with investments in those ‘politically safe’ concealed colonies.

It’s just beautiful, isn’t it? One thing we gave them was the forged signatures of QEII on Australian, New Zealand and Canadian vice-regal appointment documents (not that anyone reading this will understand the significance of that, but that’s no important).

With markets (not just stock markets) dying, the sheeple placidly chew their cud. Derivatives, what are they? So what that the FTSE has erased all of its gains made this year? It doesn’t matter that America has absolutely no strategic grain reserves anymore – first time since World War I.

Just because natural resources aren’t being exported from places like Chile (copper at six-year lows), Brazil, Columbia (petrol and oil) or much from Australia (where our dollar is at six-year lows) and the Bank of Japan is bankrupt – none of these things matter. Russia’s GDP is down 4.5%, but who cares? The fact that commodity prices across the board are down to 2002 levels is irrelevant. Who even knows about the ‘Glaziev Directive’? Currency wars and trade wars followed by real wars – works every time.


Then there’s the Harlequin. Trump’s so full of it, it’s running out the bottom of his trousers. No one knows what he believes in, not even him. When the bubble bursts and the crash comes he’ll be left carrying the can. After that, we’ll be working less from the background, although we’re pretty open already.

Supermarkets operate on ‘just in time’ delivery systems, so I guess that the shelves will remain well stocked. And the fact that the suicide rates across all demographics rose in Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal – mostly because medications weren’t and aren’t available – is no grounds for thinking that the same economic laws operate wherever you live. No worries!

My advice is to relax in your intellectual easy-chairs and believe the mainstream media because there’s really no need to prepare. The facts that America is borrowing the money to pay the interest on its previous loans; that tax cuts without government cuts, interest rate rises and a plunging American dollar will mean that America can’t pay its unfunded debts and that debt levels internationally are at groundbreaking levels – both personal and national – shouldn’t be of any concern to anyone and not surprisingly, they aren’t.

We’ve long been orchestrating international currency collapse. We’ve long been stocking up on real, in the hand, silver. So just remember that the lord is your shepherd and like all good shepherds he’ll lead you to the slaughterhouse very soon. That’s the slaughterhouse all of you built, so don’t act surprised when it happens.

Satan Rules the World – get used to it.

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