Whittaker Chambers Exposed Communist Deep State


March 21, 2018

Whittaker Chambers, 1901-1961. When he exposed Alger Hiss, he exposed the Deep State
“If my testimony helps to make Americans recognize at last that 
they are at grips with a secret, sinister and enormously powerful force
whose tireless purpose is their enslavement.” KGB Defector Whittaker Chambers 
Aug 3, 1948
The Whittaker Chambers-Alger Hiss case ripped the veil off the Cold War by revealing that the United States and Russia are both controlled by Freemasons dedicated to the triumph of Communism. Chambers, who had left the KGB ten years previously and was a Senior Editor at TIME magazine, exposed Alger Hiss as a Russian spy and espionage agent.
Alger Hiss, who began his career as a student of Felix Frankfurter, had been an advisor to FDR at Yalta, and Secretary General of the UN at its founding conference in SanFrancisco in 1946.
Hiss was then President of the Carnegie Endowment for the Preservation of Peace whose directors (and Hiss supporters) included Secretaries of State Dean Acheson, John Foster Dulles and future President Dwight Eisenhower. It also included David Rockefeller and IBM’s Thomas Watson. Do we need any more proofCommunism is a rich Satanist’s ruse?
President Harry Truman, a Freemason, inverted the situation thus: “These Republicans in Congress, if you are a Communist traitor they make you an Editor at TIME MAGAZINE, and if you’re a distinguished diplomat, they say you’re a Communist traitor.”


Inveterate liars as Communists are, Hiss denied everything until Chambers finally produced espionage material in Hiss’ handwriting. Hiss was sentenced to three years for perjury.
 John Beresford tells the fascinating story in an excellent series of 36 short lectures and in a typescript here. Chambers’ magnificent book is Witness (1954). Although this subject would make an incredible feature film, it will never be made. Chambers is a much greater patriot than George Washington, but few Americans have ever heard of him. Isn’t that a measure of national enslavement?
Add up the assassination of JFK and his brother, 9-11, the numerous mass shootings, censorship, migration and the war on gender, you can see that we are caught in the talons of a maleficent force. We are being ushered into a new world where “slaves come to love their servitude.”
Cognitive Dissonance: When would a party dedicated to the overthrow of the government and the theft of private property, and the destruction of family and liberty, not be outlawed? When it serves the diabolical agenda of the rich, not the poor.
By John Berresford
On August 3, 1948, at 11:00 AM, Chambers opened by reading a statement to HUAC:
Years before, he said, he had reported what he knew of Communist activity to the government – this was back in 1939 when he talked for hours with [Adolf] Berle under the elm tree – and, as far as he knew, the government had done nothing about it.
What he reported, he said, was The Ware Group, a secret, underground “apparatus” of young, entry-level bureaucrats in the New Deal years. Its purpose in those years, he said, was the infiltration of the government by secret Communists, not espionage. A long-term goal was espionage, but the Group functioned day to day like a left-wing study group – you might think you had walked into a college course in applied Marxist thought.


All its members were secret members of the Communist Party, however, dedicated to the someday violent overthrow of the US Constitution. Chambers named seven names; the fourth name he named to the Committee and the world was Alger Hiss…(left)
Chambers’ words had flair: “Disloyalty is a matter of principle with every member of the Communist Party. The Communist Party exists for the specific purpose of overthrowing the Government, at the opportune time, by any and all means; and each of its members, by the fact that he is a member, is dedicated to this purpose.”
“It is 10 years since I broke away from the Communist Party. During that decade, I have sought to live an industrious and God-fearing life. At the same time, I have fought communism constantly by act and written word. I am proud to appear before this committee. The publicity inseparable from such testimony has darkened, and will no doubt continue to darken, my effort to integrate myself in the community of free men.


“But that is a small price to pay if my testimony helps to make Americans recognize at last that they are at grips with a secret, sinister and enormously powerful force whose tireless purpose is their enslavement.
“At the same time, I should like, thus publicly, to call upon all ex-Communists who have not yet declared themselves, and all men within the Communist Party whose better instincts have not yet been corrupted and crushed by it, to aid in this struggle while there is still time to do so.”
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  1. Major Styles says:

    What stands out to me was that Hiss (a German) was accused of being a Soviet spy. And yet, it was Jews like Lazer Kagonivich and Bela Kun that orchestrated the greatest atrocities under communism.

    In other words, Jews helped expand communism in Russia and then, upon coming to America, managed to place the blame on a German. It’s so clever that it makes your head explode.

    When you see how aggressive the Jewish misdirection hustle is, one must wonder if the well-meaning goyim stands any chance against it.

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