Cristeros War- Mexicans Revolted Against Judeo Masonic Tyranny


March 31, 2018


As in Soviet Russia, Mexican priests were murdered by Freemasons in 1920’s

Was the murder of priests and destruction of churches confined to Judeo Masonic (Bolshevik) Russia?   No.

In the 1920’s, hundreds of priests were tortured and murdered in Mexico when the Freemason PresidentPlutarco Elias Calles ordered the suppression of the Catholic Church. “For Greater Glory” a superb film released in 2012, now available on YouTube, documents the Cristeros uprising where Christians took up arms against the satanist government of Mexico and forced it to compromise. The rebellion, from 1926-1929, claimed  57,000 government soldiers and 30,000 Cristeros “insurgents” plus civilians.

Never heard of this rebellion? Neither have Mexicans.  Freemasons, who espouse freedom and tolerance (for their own evil), don’t want you to know about armed resistance to their tyranny. According to historian Ruben Quezada, “As recently as the 1980s it was difficult to find a single book that mentioned anything substantive about the Cristiada. If it was mentioned, it usually was no more than a single sentence in President Calles’ biography.  School systems did not include the Cristiada as part of its history so that future generations would soon lose any knowledge of it… There is more freedom of the press today, and a large volume of untold stories about the Cristiada — testimonies and images that were illegal to print or publish for many years — are finally emerging. There are literally thousands of testimonies coming to light that reveal an inspiring history that has been hidden for decades under a dark shadow of fear and denial.”

American Christians are facing persecution from the Communists in the US government and media. They may get inspiration from this story which defines the true occult nature of the tyranny enslaving mankind.

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See also this half-hour documentary 

From June 15, 2013 

20th Century Mexico’s Catholic Uprising

by Olivier Lelibre

(Abridged by

In 1924, Plutarco Elias Calles became President. For this descendant of Spanish Jews, a 33rd degree Mason, “the Church is the unique cause of all Mexico’s misfortunes.” For him, too, she had to disappear. [He was a tool of the Illuminati bankers, the masters of the Mexican economy in 1914: Rockefeller (rubber), Goblentz (textiles), Guggenheim (mines), Hearst (alias Hirsch) who owned 3 million metric acres, and the Kuhn-Loeb bank, which financed Lenin.]

Plutarco-Elias-Calles-9235460-1-402.jpgIn 1926, the president (left) and his clique launched a new offensive which they hoped to be definitive: “Now there must be a psychological revolution,” Calles declared. “We must penetrate and take hold of the minds of the children and the youth because they must belong to the revolution.”

The Catholic schools were shut down, the congregations expelled, Christian trade unions forbidden, numerous churches confiscated and profaned (turned into stables or halls) or destroyed. Public school attendance became mandatory, atheism was officially taught, and religious insignia (medals, crucifixes, statues, and pictures) were forbidden, even at home. God was even chased from the language! The use of such expressions as Adios, “If God wills,” or “God forbid,” was subject to a fine.

Lastly, the priests were “registered”: some states (Mexico is a federal republic) required them to swear not to proselytize, others tried to command them to marry if they wished to continue in their function! Msgr. Carvana, the Apostolic Nuncio, protested; on May 12, 1926, he was expelled. Throughout the country, Catholic public figures were assassinated, girls coming out of church were kidnapped, imprisoned, raped. Msgr. Curley, the Archbishop of Baltimore, vented his indignation: “Calles persecutes the church because he knows that he has Rome’s approval. Our government has armed Calles’s killers. Our friendship has encouraged him in his abominable enterprise: to destroy the idea of God in the minds and hearts of millions of Mexicans.”17

On May 28, Calles received the Masonic medal of merit from the hands of the Great Commander of the Scottish rite in Mexico. On July 12, the following communique appeared in the press: “International Masonry accepts responsibility for everything that is happening in Mexico, and is preparing to mobilize all its forces for the methodic, integral application of the agreed upon program for this country.”18

On July 26, an elderly shopkeeper was coldly struck down by two policemen in civilian clothes. His crime? In his shop he had posted a sign reading Viva Cristo Rey! Long live Christ the King! The Mexicans peacefully reacted to the persecution: they boycotted state-owned enterprises (tobacco purchases and railroad traffic were reduced by 74%, and in just a few weeks, the national bank suffered a 7 million peso loss), and they also circulated a protest petition signed by 2 million (out of a population of 15 million).

But Christians have something even better than that, they have prayer, and the country was crisscrossed by gigantic penitential processions: 10,000, 15,000 faithful, barefooted, crowned with thorns, implored God for their country. The powers that be could not tolerate that; their heavy machine guns dispersed the processions, and the first martyrs fell, singing.

(“FOR GREATER GLORY” – A rare, frankly pro-Catholic film has excellent production values. It was a success in Mexico but had a muted reception in the US because of Jewish control of the film business.)


In January 1927, Catholic Mexico rose: 20,000 combatants (30,000 by the end of the year, and 50,000 in 1929); few arms (a few rifles and carbines, but mostly hatchets, machetes, and sometimes simply sticks); few horses; but all the people supporting them, offering them their money, and necessaries. A Cristero peasant recounted how they set out with songs and prayers on their lips: “We were 1,000, then 5,000, then more! Everyone set out as if to go to the harvest….We firmly intended to die, angry or not, but to die for Christ.”

Against them were 100 mobile columns of 1,000 men each, veritable “infernal columns” financed by the US (light armored cars, tractor-drawn artillery, combat aircraft…). The first clashes were bloody massacres. An officer of Calles wrote: “They are more like pilgrims than soldiers. This isn’t a military campaign, it’s a hunting party!” The president himself predicted: “It will be wrapped up in less than two months.”

But when a pilgrimage takes up arms, it becomes a crusade! The Cristeros were able to equip themselves from the adversary, profiting from their cowardice or their corruption. The “Federales” were more like pillagers, drunk on tequila and marijuana, rather than soldiers worthy of the name. On March 15, 1927, they were defeated at San Julian; at Puerto Obristo, they left 600 dead. In November, the military attache of the US began to worry about the success of the “fanatics,” 40% of whose troops were now equipped with excellent Mausers recuperated from the enemy. How was it possible?


The year 1928 was terrible: the infernal columns had received the order to deport the rural population to “concentration camps”26 where famine and epidemics decimated them. At the least show of resistance, the Federates would massacre them. Harvests and flocks were seized, grazing land burned, and villages destroyed by the thousands. Despite this scorched earth policy, the Cristeros stood fast like latter-day Machabees.

In 1929, the government renounced its policy of governing the countryside. Three-fourths of inhabitable Mexico was in the hands of the troops of Christ the King, victory was in reach especially as the riffraff in Mexico were fighting each other, and in the United States Hoover, who was not a Mason, was elected! Then they learned that the secret negotiations between the Mexican government and the Vatican had resulted in an accord. On June 21, the Mexican episcopate (except for one of its members, His Excellency Jose de Jesus Manriquez y Zarate) signed a “resolution” of the conflict with the ruling power on bases “negotiated” by a US Jesuit, a Fr. Walsh. The accord provided for: (1) immediate, unconditional cease fire; (2) the resumption of public worship beginning the next day (June 22).

That was all. It restored them to the same situation that prevailed in 1926 with all the anti-Catholic laws then in effect, including the registration of priests! In the text, the Cristeros are called fanatics directed by a few third-rate priests; their revolt was an error, an imprudence, even a sin: they must lay down their arms under pain of excommunication…


Enrique Gorostieta Velarde, commander in chief of the Cristeros, addressed his troops, his voice breaking from sorrow:

“His Holiness the Pope, by the intermediary of the most excellent Apostolic Nuncio, has decided, for reasons which are unknown to us but which, as Catholics, we accept, that public worship will be resumed tomorrow without the law being changed…This arrangement…has wrested from us that which is most noble and most holy on our flag, at the moment when the Church has declared that she will resign herself to what she has obtained…Consequently, the National Guard assumes responsibility for the conflict….As for ourselves as men, we have a satisfaction that no one can take from us: the National Guard does not disappear defeated by its enemies, but rather abandoned by the very ones who were to be the first to receive the fruit of our sacrifices and abnegation! Ave, Christ! Those who for You are going to humiliation, to exile, and, perhaps, to an inglorious death,…with the most fervent love salute You, and once more proclaim You as King of our country.”

Six thousand Cristeros obeyed and were immediately massacred. In three years, they had only lost 5,000 men in combat! The Mexican episcopate decreed the excommunication of the Cristero priests, but those who had not been killed during the war (180) had already been martyred…All was lost.

The new president, the Masonic lawyer Fortes Gil, rejoiced. At the summer solstice banquet, he acknowledged his astonishment at the unconditional capitulation of a victorious army, and his intention to continue the fight: “The fight did not begin yesterday. The fight is eternal. The fight began 20 centuries ago.” Indeed, but the novelty was that the Vatican was not on the right side.

Freemasonry, condemned by all the popes from the 18th century (Clement XII, in 1738) to the end of the 19th (in 1892, Leo XIII equated Freemasonry with Satanism), had infiltrated the Church at the highest levels of the hierarchy: Were not G. della Chiesa (the future Benedict XV) and A. Ratti (the future Pius XI) the “proteges” of Cardinal Rampolla? In 1926, was it not Pius XI who condemned Action Frangaise in accordance with the sect’s desires. In 1928, was not Fr. Vallet expelled from Spain and his work suppressed by a hierarchy that preferred to favor the Opus Dei.28

When, from 1934 to 1937, a new Cristiada was launched, Pius XI let the Mexican episcopate excommunicate the Cristeros and then waited until they were all dead before daring to write (in his Letter to the Mexican Episcopate, 1937):

When power rises against justice and truth,…one cannot see how one could condemn the citizens who unite to defend the nation and themselves-even by the use of arms against those who, by means of the state’s power, devise their misfortune.

The same year, in Divini Redemptoris, he blamed Communism for the atrocities perpetrated against the Christians of Mexico…but he did not mention Freemasonry.  (Complete article)


Calles was a Communist pawn like Fidel Castro later was, at the same time as he served the Illuminati bankers in Wall Street. They are identical.

“Under Calles, Mexico became the first country in the world to recognize the new Soviet Union, and the Soviet embassy that was established in Mexico City grew to be one of Moscow’s largest in the world and a key center for NKVD/KGB subversion, espionage, and terrorism throughout the Americas. However, even before Calles came to power in 1924, the new Communist regime in Moscow had begun exercising its influence in Mexico. Soviet dictator Lenin sent top Comintern (Communist International) agent Mikhail Borodin to Mexico in 1919 to coordinate a growing Communist-Socialist movement that was heavily larded with foreign elements, mostly American and European intellectuals. — Movie Exposes Mexican Gov’t Anti-Christian Campaign

also, Viva Christo Rey 

Examples of Masonic attack on religion- forcing gay sex on children.       Gay Marriage


First Comment from Henrique –

It’s beautiful indeed, but don’t forget that this movie was produced by the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic para-masonic organization that works for the same agenda and carries the same symbols as all the other Orders and factions.

Knights_of_Columbus_color_enhanced_vector_kam.pngIt’s one same group, with many factions, out to capture the affection of all sorts of people. Their aim is to control the whole of Mankind, and more, to get people to AGREE to their dominance. What better way to win hearts and minds than through these beautiful and tear-jerking stories of heroism and sacrifice in the name of what one believes? I pity the peasants, and admit it’s quite moving, but let’s never put reason aside. The Catholic Church is controlled-opposition to radical/materialistic Jewish sects; if not, why the hell would it ever charter Orders like “Priory of Zion” and sponsor so many Crusades to “take back the Holy Land” ( a facade to ferment rancor against Islam )?

The whole of history is a con game, Alan Watt calls it “Conology”, I use a more specific term: “Piety Manipulation”.

Notice how they always organize some kind of opposition/conflict between their puppets, like the KKK opposing the KofC’s efforts to gain sympathy for the cause in America – two supposedly Christian groups.

Check the main symbol of the Knights, with the Fascio, representing the union of the Elite ( one stick is easy to break, but not a whole bunch together ), plus the typical crossing of objects in an “x”, also very common; many other details a better-trained eye would find, I’ve no doubt about it.

Thanks Henrique- but the rebellion wasn’t sponsored by the Knights as well, was it? 

Henrique — From their own website:

“Just five years after the first Knights of Columbus council was established in Mexico in 1905, the country was catapulted into a long period of armed conflict, now called the Mexican Revolution.”
Coincidence?  Maybe.
“Despite these challenges, the Order in Mexico not only survived this period; it thrived. Membership grew from 400 Knights in 1918 to almost 6,000 in 51 councils just six years later.”
Martyrdom has a certain appeal, one would say, especially among the humble folk. But what raised my eyebrow was this:
“The Caballeros, as the Knights are known in Spanish-speaking countries, “attracted leaders in society, including doctors, lawyers, and businessmen, bringing a new dimension, energy and vision to combating the persecution.”
Why would “leaders in society”, in a time of Civil War, join a quasi-clandestine Order, declared enemy of the establishment? And why didn’t the State forces attack THEM directly, instead of wasting time with insignificant country hicks?
“Likewise, hundreds of thousands of Mexicans immigrated to Texas, and the Knights’ Mexican Fund provided direct assistance to many of the refugees.”
Great opportunity to flood the US with immigrants too, and who would be cold-hearted enough to deny them refuge?
“Although the Knights as an organization did not provide support to the Cristeros’ military efforts, it remained a target”
Rally the peasants, but don’t risk your own skin, or the soft skin of those “leaders in society”.
Obviously, none of this proves anything, just data to consider before choosing the good guy.
The peasants were obviously fighting to maintain their traditions ( whichever they were ) and way of life from intrusive government, they would never think about all-encompassing, mind-blowing conspiracies. To them, all we’re doing here is idle speculation – the conspirators always count on that.
Once one of their fronts has captured the simpletons’ sympathy ( even if the opposing front is demonized ), they’ve succeeded. The human mind works in dialectics, and unfortunately, they know that.

Knights of Columbus are NOT Masons     says Hernando, a Spanish Reader

No? Look at this, Henrique replies

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