Victim of Rotherham paedophile gang, who fell pregnant at 14, speaks out


Jimmy Nsubuga — Metro April 8, 2018

Rotherham grooming gang survivor Sammy Woodhouse who has written a book about her experiences. Click to enlarge

A Rotherham sex scandal victim has spoken about the abuse she suffered, including becoming pregnant at 14 years old after being raped.

Sammy Woodhouse revealed her abuser Arshid ‘Mad Ash’ Hussain, who was 25 at the time, had given her alcohol and drugs after grooming her when they met in 1999.

She added she had got an abortion the first time she fell pregnant but decided to keep the baby the second time and gave birth when she was 15.

She criticised authorities in South Yorkshire for not intervening even after her father had told them she was in trouble.

They apparently let ringleader Hussain, who was part of an abuse scandal in Rotherham that targeted more than 1000 children, keep seeing her even after she was put in care.

Ms Woodhouse, now 32, wrote in the Mail on Sunday: ‘But most shocking of all, throughout everything, the police and social services knew what was going on,’

‘The care authorities wrote detailed reports about Ash but did nothing to stop him.

‘I’d been catastrophically let down by the very people who should have protected me.’

She claimed police had refused to follow up complaints because they said there wasn’t enough evidence and considered it a ‘family dispute’.

Arshid Hussain was locked up for 35 years. Click to enlarge

Ms Woodhouse added Hussain, a British Pakistani, would often hit her and even got her involved in the armed robbery of a post office.

She would eventually tell the Jay Inquiry what happened in 2012, which led to Hussain being locked up for 35 years in 2016.

In total, he was convicted for 23 offences, including the sexual assault of an 11-year-old girl.

Hussain’s brothers Basharat, 39, and Bannaras, 36, were also jailed as part of the Rotherham paedophile scandal.

Hussain, 41, is wheelchair-bound after being shot in the stomach in 2005 by a rival gang.

Ms Woodhouse admitted part of her may always love her abuser because he fathered her son.


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  1. BackToTheAncientRoots says:


    Only our old god Odin can save us. He is/was the same as Jesus. Sounds very far fetched I know, but after watching this video I am sure, there is more to the legends about our old deity, than our (((governments))) make us want to believe.

    But see for yourself.

    The bible is based on this old knowledge. The jews perverted this old arian knowledge.

    If you apreciate the excellent information about our ancient ancestors in the video, feel free to share the wisdom with others!

    We must secure the existance of our people and a future for white children!

    If you would like to save the video to reupload it, use this link:

    1. Micky says:

      We need to go back to our own gods and not follow the false Hebrew god who tells us not to defend ourselves and to love our enemy.
      Some nationalists believe that Christianity is a slave religion created by the tribe to destroy our people.
      Thanks for the link.

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