New Documentary Celebrates Jewish Superiority


April 21, 2018

Watch this 2-minute trailer for a new documentary “What’s With the Jews?”
It says Jews view themselves as a tiny minority who were persecuted throughout history because they were smarter than everyone else.  Literally, they say they’re hated because they show how great human beings could be and remind the goyim of their own failure. 
Expelled from 109 countries all because of envy. 
Could there be another reason for anti-Semitism?
For instance, the Talmud and Kabbalah regard non-Jews as animals (see excerpt below.) The film repeatedly cites Jewish Messianism where Jews will “heal the world” and usher in a utopia. They will do this by destroying every Gentile social unit — family, nation, race, and religion. These are the current goals of globalism, Communism and the NWO evidenced in migration, multiculturalism, gender dysphoria, political correctness, gun grab, censorship and the loss of free speech.
The Jewish World of Feb 9, 1883, defines this Jewish Messianism:
“The dispersion of the Jews has rendered them a cosmopolitan people. They are the only cosmopolitan people and in this capacity must act and are acting, as a solvent of national and racial differences. The great Ideal of Judaism is …that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teachings, and that in a Universal Brotherhood of Nations – a greater Judaism, in fact — all the separate races and religions shall disappear.
“As a cosmopolitan people, Jews have passed the stage that the national form of separatism represents in social life. They have made the whole world their home. By their activities in literature and science, by their dominant position in all branches of public activity, they are gradually molding gentile thinking and systems into Jewish molds.”
Organized Jewry is also a solvent of family and morality. Multiculturalism, miscegenation, homosexuality and feminism are not about “tolerance and human rights.” They are about shredding the social fabric, dissolving European Christian culture and civilization.  Might any of this cause anti-Semitism?
In my website article, Destructive Cabala Doctrine Dooms Humanity, I detail why Judaism defined by Talmud and Cabala is satanic. The goal, close to fruition, is for the Cabalist central bankers to displace God and turn morality upside down. This is the real meaning of “the Chosen People.” Organized Jewry believes it is God. I suspect the NWO will institutionalize this.
Cabalist Judaism is all about inverting good and evil, and as long as Jews and their Masonic minions represent their collective enterprise as good, evil will reign. Liberation for Jews (and for humanity) is in Jews recognizing that Jewish Messianism (globalism/Communism) is satanic, and starting afresh. Humility is a good thing. 
The following introduction to the documentary demonstrates the extent of the self-delusion. Yes, many Jews are smart but much of their success is because they are accomplices, with Freemasonry, in the world central banking scam which controls all government credit and consequently all financial, political, social and cultural institutions.
“Their contribution to humanity is enormous, unique and exceedingly difficult to explain. From Moses to Maimonides, to Mahler, Marx, Freud, Einstein and some 197 Nobel Prize laureates, the stunning social, scientific and artistic accomplishments of the Jews raise an obvious question. How do they do it?


The story of huge overrepresentation at the top is the same wherever you look. How does 1/500th of the world’s population produce so many prominent musicians, architects, lawyers, doctors, journalists, comedians, and directors? A third of the medical faculty at Harvard is Jewish, as are nearly  40 percent of history’s world chess champions.
In 1954, New York State school tests revealed 28 students with IQs over 170. Astonishingly, 24 of them were Jewish.
“The numbers are bizarre. They make no sense at all,” says Montreal rabbi Reuben Poupko. For Harvard professor Steven Pinker “Jewish achievement is obvious; only the explanation is unclear.”
Calling Jewish success “colossal” and “extraordinary,” renowned British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins recently speculated that “something about the cultural tradition of Jews is way, way more sympathetic to science and learning and intellectual pursuits.”
Recent writings focus on wildly speculative hypotheses. Some suggest that Jews have been winnowed for success by pogrom and Holocaust. Others posit that Jews developed their minds in challenging professions after abandoning agriculture in the first Millenium. Still, others see a link between Ashkenazi genetic disorders and high intelligence.

Jewish_Brain (1).jpg

Jewish genius remains a giant elephant in the room, today. “Jewish intellectual superiority is rarely if ever discussed in Jewish publications,” writes author Lewis Regenstein. “To some, these facts are awkward and even embarrassing, feeding stereotypes of ‘crafty’ Jews good at making money and flaunting their superiority to non-Jews.
“A good reason not to make the film? Perhaps. But we take the bolder approach of Prof. Pinker who noted recently: ‘In every age, taboo questions raise our blood pressure and threaten moral panic. But we cannot be afraid to answer them.'”
The Kabbalah is one of Judaism’s holiest texts.


Here is documented teaching in the “Tanya” of Rabbi Shneur Zalman concerning the Kelipot [קְלִיפּוֹת]. In other words the goy [i.e. shaygetz (שייגעץ); i.e shiksa (שיקסע)]. We defy anyone to prove otherwise. bbbb Anti-gay racism is denied and heavily concealed by the media.

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  1. FYI Jews are not Semites, they are Hamitic Canaanites. The Serpent Seed from The Garden – The Tares – The Synagogue of Satan.

    White Caucasians are the True Israelites. I have more info on this if you would like it.

    Messenger Charles

    1. Micky says:

      I would like very much to read the info you have mate.

  2. Major Styles says:

    Freud has to be the biggest Jewish subterfuge in modeen history. Getting the goyim to hate their parents, doubt their self worth, and feel guilt over their sexual urges.

    Well done, Shlomo.

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