Women in Male Professions – A Politically Incorrect View


April 27, 2018

Alek Minassian, 25, conducted a vehicular-rampage April 23, 2018, killing 10 people and injuring over a dozen others.
The mass murder in Toronto Monday revealed a new group of aggrieved people, 
“Involuntary Celibates” (incels)  young men who can’t get laid. While I have no sympathy
for psychopaths like Minassian who should have been shot as he requested, he does represent
the collateral damage done by feminism and the war on gender.  Heterosexuality involves
the exchange of female power for male power expressed as love. But the Illuminati has fostered
a chill where men and women cannot express their heterosexual nature. Michael Berg argues below, 
that women should not take jobs that do not express their femininity. 
“So-called “powerful and successful” women are not desired by men. Such women are evolutionary failures. And their genes will die out.”
(Berg is an Isreali. His ground-breaking article- Ex Chabad Member Exposes Trump Family Cult) 
by Michael Berg
“Many Western women today are dysfunctional because they are getting contradictory messages. Society tells them to be “strong and independent,” i.e. successful in a career……..But this behavior is masculine and makes men feel redundant. Men don’t like these women. Thus women are doing what society tells them to do, yet are not getting the male love they expect and need.”
You are 100% correct and I know why…It is common sense.
One of the reasons I was drawn to my wife was because she was studying a traditionally female profession i.e. nursing. If I had met a woman who was a Doctor, Software Engineer or a lawyer I wouldn’t have married her. I don’t like these women trying to be like men despite being college educated as well.

I believe that most men instinctively feel as I do. They might not want to admit this because they don’t want to be looked upon as “old fashioned” but they feel it nonetheless.

First of all we must not forget that all of these professions (Modern Medicine, Law, Engineering, Computer Sciences, Physics etc.) were pretty much invented and created by MEN because they were part of the male spirit of “innovation, pioneering, and creativity”.

Almost 100% of pioneers are Men. Men are also much more creative than women. 99.8% of all inventors are men as well as 95% of all Nobel Prize winners. Basically, the modern world was built by Men (Especially White Men).

How Many Women Won Nobel Prize:

The Smartest People In The World Are All Men:

The reason for higher male intelligence is because males have bigger brains with more neurons than females.
Nursing, on the other hand, expresses the female spirit i.e. taking care of others. (Hence over 90% of all nurses are female).


For the same reason, most men feel on an instinctive level that it is not right for a woman to be a policeman, a combat soldier or any position of influence.

Why? How does biology explain it?

Because men and women had evolved throughout hundreds of thousands of years to COMPLEMENT each other and not to compete with each other.

Men are designed to sexually desire PASSIVE women. Why? Because PASSIVE women are more likely to be mothers and give birth to the next generation. So it is beneficial for Nature to favor the passive feminine women over women who act like men. It is an evolutionary advantage for women to be passive (i.e. submissive) and for men to be active and it is ingrained in the male genes to desire those women rather than the women who are acting more like men. Men are biologically programmed by Nature (it is not an intellectual process!) designed to be repulsed by these “masculine” women. It is Nature’s way of telling us “Get away from these women as they are not suitable candidates for creating  offspring”.

And this is exactly what we see. The MORE higher education women have (in terms of having traditionally male professions) the LESS desirable they are as sexual mates and as mothers. Most of these women are going to find it very difficult to get married.

Going to university before women get married will make it very difficult for you to get marry afterward especially if you have a degree in masculine professions. Men won’t like you… Men are biologically designed to stay away from “powerful women”….as these women are not good candidates for passing their genes forward… Passive women are better candidates as they follow the will of their husbands and therefore they have an evolutionary advantage. “Strong” women as “strong women” are more likely to divorce and leave their husbands and therefore are less likely to procreate.

Our disgust of these women (who act like men) is Nature’s way of telling us “Don’t follow these women…they will not be passive and submissive enough and they may abandon you…”

I sexually desire women who are feminine and passive. The more submissive they are the more I sexually desire them. This is what I found with my wife. My wife is very passive compared to the brainwashed women who were poisoned by feminism.
Feminism is a failure since it goes against the very foundations of Nature and what makes us Human. The Human is made out of two types : Male and Female. Both are designed to complement each other physically, biologically, anatomically and mentally. They fit EACH OTHER like a Plug and a Socket. They have no functional meaning without the other. But in order for male and female to work in harmony with each other, they must complement each other and adopt the laws of Nature. Feminism is an attack on Nature. Any society that adopts Feminism will eventually die out. Such a society does not deserve survival because it seems to not care about its survival.

Take Islam for example. In a Muslim society, women are submissive. That’s the social norm. Therefore Islamic societies have very high birth rates.

In societies run by feminist ideology, the birth rate is very low because men lose their hopes in women and find it very difficult to find a traditionally feminine woman.

So-called “powerful and successful” women are not desired by men. Such women are evolutionary failures. And their genes will die out. Once this balance is made. Feminism will die out with them. In 20-30 years time Feminism and current Western Liberalism will die out. It will be due to the inability of western society to maintain such self-destructive ideologies.

When that time comes, women will finally return to the kitchen and to being good mothers and men will start being real men once again.

For women who want College education I say this :

“Get married at 18-25 and have at least 2-3 babies. After, get a college education if you want to – in a FEMALE profession.

Here’s a Red Ice piece with Daniel Friberg – as Swedish Nationalist – on the poison known as Feminism and the war against traditional gender roles:
This article supports women in the military but shows how 25% are sexually harassed, which suggests men resent their presence and they do not belong there.
First Comment from Jude Duffy 
 Berg’s short piece gets to the very root of the modern problem brilliantly. He’s abolutely spot on about the “powerful” women so exalted by our culture. In reality such women have zero real power, since they have sacrificed their female sexual power and nurturing instincts in exchange for the paltry prize of becoming weak, deformed imitations of men. Interestingly the Marxist theoretician Walter Benjamin gleefully predicted the rise of the masculine women, going so far as to hail “the lesbian”  as “the heroine of modernism”.
In my experience, the type of man who claims to be drawn to “strong women” is either trying to sound cool and macho in a PC progressive kind of way, or else he has latent or not so latent homosexual tendencies. Doubtless some combine both of these traits. The homosexual transvestite pop star Boy George once admitted that he was sometimes sexually attracted to women, but only those of the “butch ball-breaking” variety.

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