The Anti-Christ?


Irish Savant — May 14, 2018

pope rothschild

Although having abandoned Christianity as a teenager and subsequently dismissed all religion as mumbo I’ve begun to reassess my views in recent times as developments increasingly suggest the Bible prophesy stuff might not have been so daft after all. One of the most remarkable has been the self-destruction of the Catholic Church which has gone into overdrive under the present Pope who, in his short reign to date, has come out with more heresies than all the other Popes combined.
Watching the antics of this one man wrecking-ball brings to mind the testimony of former United States Communist Party member, Bella Dodd before the House on Un-American Activities in 1952.  The Communist Party in the 1930s “put eleven hundred men into the priesthood in order to destroy the Church from within. Right now they are in the highest places, and they are working to bring about change in order that the Catholic Church will no longer be effective against Communism. The change would be so drastic that you will not recognize the Catholic Church.” And we all know with whom the American Communist Party was synonymous, don’t we?
Now consider the words of the brilliant Jesuit theologian Malachi Martin from the mid-nineties. “Roman Catholics will then have the spectacle of a Pope validly elected who cuts the entire visible body of the Church loose from the traditional unity and the papacy-oriented apostolic structure that the Church has hitherto always believed and taught was divinely established. The shudder that will shake the Roman Catholic body in that day will be the shudder of its death agony. … Many will accept the new regime. Many will resist. All will be fragmented. There will be no one on earth to hold the fractionating members of the visible Roman Catholic body together as a living compact organization. [This will] transform the Papacy itself into a complaisant, even a cooperative, handmaiden in the service of a new creation. A new earthly habitat. A truly New World Order.”
In case you’re in any doubt watch Comrade Francis bow and kiss the hands of Satanic NWO Supremos Rothschild, Rockefeller and Kissinger. (Here’s the video).

Pope Francis kissing the hands of Rothschild & Rockefeller| Illuminati exposed | Illuminati in tamil




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  1. Brent Waller says:

    The bible clearly states only God can absolve us of our sins and to not pray to others. This means no pope can absolve u of anything and praying to Mary is against teaching. For these reasons multitudes of churches sprang up and left the heresy of Catholicism behind. We do not accept ” Roman” Catholics in the Klan as we don’t consider them Christian and bow to no pope, king, dictator or ruler. Catholics flock to anything that resembles the virgin Mary including fruit, leaves etc in direct contradiction of the bible. St John the Baptist was saving people long before the Catholic church existed. between fake Hebrews and The Roman Church much damage has been done to Christianity. The pope is nothing but a mortal man and it’s ludacrious that any Christian would bow and kiss his ring as if he’s god. It’s heresy. We have fought Catholic attempts through various moles to be allowed to join the Klan for decades. The surest sign a Klan is a false front is one that excepted Catholics. It’s in our Klorans not too

  2. Roman Catholics are not Christians. The title Pontifex (Pontiff) Maximus is a heathen ancient Roman title. Nothing changed in circa 400 AD when Ancient Rome fell.

    God has no religion and you will not find the word ‘religion’ in The Four Gospels!

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