Why doesn’t the world censor Germany for throwing its free-speech activists into prison?

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2018-05-16 12:33

A photo of Gerhard Ittner from 2012, when he was extradicted to Germany from Spain.

By Carolyn Yeager

A NEW ARREST HAS BEEN MADE JUST LAST WEEK AND NO INFORMATION CAN BE GOTTEN from the “Secret Police” or any agencies about the reason for the arrest of Gerd Ittner, 60. It may be related to the fact that Gerd organized the remembrance rally in Dresden on February 13 that was shut down early because of an impromtu speech by Lady Michele Renouf, but that is only a guess on my part. Friends of Gerd who have sought information about his status since Saturday have not been successful.

Gerhard Ittner joins a long list of persecuted victims of the Federal Republic for the ‘crime’ of expressing a different opinion on the guilty parties in WWII than the official Allied narrative has it. The Allied narrative says Germany was totally at fault and committed egregious crimes; that is the narrative the Federal Republic embraces wholeheartedly, and even legally. Germany was originally forced to adopt this narrative, but now it enforces its own guilt with the greatest gusto.

There is no crime committed by Gerd Ittner, as we think of crime. It’s a political opinion. Expressing positive regard for the Third Reich is not allowed. In the 20 or so years following the war there was much more freedom of expression, but as the holocaust revisionist movement developed and proved the six million story couldn’t have happened, the clamps came down. Prosecutions ramped up.

What I know about Gerd’s situation is only this: On Saturday, May 12, on his 60th birthday, he was arrested on the street in Bretzenheim, near Frankfurt. From Saturday until today he was kept in the medical department of the Rohrbach rehabilitation center in Wöllstein. While there, his friends were denied any information about him. On Tuesday May 15, he was sent to the JVA in Nuremberg, a prison and correctional facility.

This is not the first experience with the law for Gerd Ittner. He served over two years in the past for the usual crime of ‘holocaust denial’ or “incitement of the public.” Some of the best known completely peaceful historical revisionists who are currently serving prison sentences in Germany are 89-year old Ursula Haverbeck, 82 year-old Horst Mahler, 81-year old Arnold Höfs, 67-year-old Wolfgang Fröhlich and the Canadian violinist Monika Schaefer. Monika has been held without formal charges in Stadelheim maximum security prison in Munich for over four months now!

Why Germany is not censored as a human rights violator

So how does the German state get away with this? They do because any so-called ‘free’ nation with the power to influence it, such as the USA, are complicit in the WWII fraud called the “official findings of guilt of the Nuremberg Tribunals.” I and others have explained this so many times I am not going to repeat it here. Suffice it to say, it was mainly the USA that saw to it that the BDR play the role that it does. [See this recent story in The Local on the Sozialistische Reichspartei (SRP) which talks about a ‘democratic Germany’ that doesn’t practice democracy.]

As an American citizen living in the US, I can question the ‘Holocaust’ all I want, but if I were in Germany, I would eventually be arrested too. That’s the craziness of it. Now, after so much writing about this over the years, if I visited Germany, I would probably be arrested like Monika Schaefer was.

The arrest of Gerd Ittner, and the secrecy surrounding it, so brings to mind the repressive Communist regimes of the old Soviet Union, China and some other Asian and South-Central American regimes that our State Dept. condemns as violating their citizen’s civil and human rights. How is Germany any different? It’s a great place for the Jewish and ultra-left elites in power, a terrible place for the native, patriotic-minded who have a different tale to tell and want to set their country’s record straight. Germany’s official government-sponsored news agency, Deutsche Welle, is so blatantly one-sided its news stories read like opinion pieces. In Germany today, it’s own brave sons who fought so valiantly in two world wars are disparaged, forgotten and considered something shameful. This is why Germany’s leaders want to replace Germans with blacks and browns from Africa and Asia, to destroy the strong, true German nation forever. Those who still retain their German honor feel the call to resist and Gerd is one of those.

His friends request as many as possible write to him at the prison (he knows English, but be careful what you write), and send him stamps. I’m not sure if they have to be Deutsches stamps, and if so, where to get those. I will try to find out. The address is:

Gerd Ittner
Nuremberg Prison
Mannertstrasse 6
90429 Nuremberg

And write to Monika too:

Monika Schaefer
Stadelheim prison
Schwarzenbergstr 14
81549 München, Germany

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