“Money” as Occult Spell


June 6, 2018


(Left, Rothschild Money Power plant. The curtain is media and education.) 
Money’s function
is not just economic. 
Satanists conjure it
to enslave us spiritually. 
by Henry Makow 
When we think of money, we usually think of the coupon form, the official looking paper slips of various denominations.
This is deceiving. Money is really an abstraction denoting material value.
There are hundreds of millions of transactions every day. Do you really think paper slips get moved from bank to bank? No, all that changes is a number in your account. Yes, a tiny fraction of paper slips change hands when we use cash but this is negligible.


Money is the original shapeshifter.  It starts off as “credit” which the Rothschilds bestow on your country or banks provide a loan. Then it can take any form. In an instant, it can become the shares in a company. They can be sold and the proceeds used to buy a car. The car can be sold and the proceeds used to buy a vacation in Hawaii. You see my point? Money should be thought of as a kind of electricity, the lifeblood of the economy.
When it does NOT take the form of goods or services, “money” hibernates in the digits in millions of bank accounts.
As I have said, banks are local franchises of the Rothschild world banking cartel.  They keep the accounts. They decide who gets to tap into this electrical grid. One day when cash is abolished, they will ban dissenters.
“Money” comes into the world as debt, usually the national debt which is backed by the credit of the state. The collateral for this debt is its citizens.
 In the future, the Rothschilds could demand repayment of this “debt”, an abstraction they created out of nothing. As their debt slaves, one day this may be a pretext for our enslavement.


Imagine a power station producing this abstraction called money like a microwave tower spewing radiation.  Imagine it is run by Satanists (cabalists) who hate humanity and wish to enslave it. I’m not just speaking of physical enslavement. Money is used to enslave us spiritually as well.
Most of our waking thoughts are devoted to money. Millions are wrapped up in the stock market and watch their net worth fluctuate from hour to hour.
Most people spend their day trying to make money or fretting about whether they have enough money for their old age.
Basically, the man behind the curtain has already enslaved us spiritually by making us obsess on money and the things it can buy.


We associate money with liberation. But many super-rich people are not happy. Kate Spade, who committed suicide yesterday, is said to be “worth” over $200 million. If anything, money is a spiritual foretaste of our physical enslavement.
My point is that money’s function is not just economic. It enslaves us spiritually too.
Money and sex are the North-South of our mental compass. By no coincidence, the people who make us obsess on money, are also behind sexual liberation and pornography. Both occupy our thoughts. Both take us away from God. Both dehumanize and degrade us.
Satanists think “God” is a dirty word and they have banished it from public discourse. They have done this partly by misrepresenting what God is.
At risk of offending Satanists, I suggest that God is the Principle of human evolution. God is a State of Consciousness in which
spiritual ideals like Truth, Beauty, Justice, and Love are self-evident. God seeks to realize Himself through his Creation. Unfortunately his Creation has been hijacked by Satan.
But to enter this state we need to think about God and not about money and sex. We need to express our gratitude to the Creator for His bounty and seek to live in His sight.
After providing for our reasonable material needs, we need to banish money from our thoughts. The only man who is truly liberated is he who cares nothing about money. His soul cannot be bought.
We can meet according to God’s Plan if we all serve God in our own way.
God is Reality. We are asleep. That’s the way the bankers want it.
I used to think society was engaged in a collective effort to lift everyone higher. In fact, society has been subverted by Satanists using the banking system.
Their goal is to degrade, dehumanize and enslave us spiritually if not physically. We are satanically possessed. We die without ever living. Consciousness is Life.

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