The Illuminati are Gaslighting Us


June 10, 2018


The term originated in the movie Gaslight (1944), a man manipulates his wife to the point where she feared she is losing her mind. 
Andrew, a retired attorney and disillusioned supporter of the Donald, 
says, We’re all supposed to care 
when Mass Media or Democrats BAD MOUTH TRUMP 
Americans are supposed to either 
by Andrew
“Gaslighting” is a mind-control technique used by individuals and governments to gain or maintain control by making victims question their own sanity and thereby submit to authoritarian rule. It’s a common tactic of abusers, dictators, narcissists, and cult leaders. If done slowly, victims don’t realize how much their cognitive faculties are compromised. Victims are defenseless which explains why the results can be devastating.
Today, it is used in the political arena in a broader sense.
What follows is NOT a Trump defense, but an example of Political Gaslighting. FOR EXAMPLE, we’ve had 1-1/2 years of so-called ” Russia-Gate” propaganda with charges that Trump and his family “COLLUDED” with Russia, but no actual crime has ever been ALLEGED. In the complete absence of any specific Title 18, Federal Penal Code violation the suspense has become maddening.


WHAT’S GOING ON WITH SPECIAL PROSECUTOR, ROBERT MUELLER III? He is an attorney who served as the sixth Director of the FBI from 2001 to 2013. Ironically he’s LIKE TRUMP a conservative Republican originally appointed FBI Director by President George W. Bush. He would be well qualified were there only a crime to prosecute. Yet even after more than a year’s investigation, Mueller cannot find a crime.
So to pretend he’s really doing something he’s had to wander beyond the scope of his mandate to harass minor actors like Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort BUT NOT FOR CONSPIRACY WITH RUSSIA. On Friday, June  8, 2018, Muller filed witness tampering with criminal charges against ex-Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort as well against Russian citizen and former Manafort operative Konstantin Kilimnik.
A prosecutor can only investigate and prosecute a CRIME, not a person. In this connection, before a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR like Robert Mueller should rationally proceed, he must identify a specific CRIME like 1972’s White House BURGLARS sent into Democratic Party’s Head Quarters in Watergate Building to collect intelligence. BURGLARY was a crime.


Before you start to believe you are losing your mind because you can’t follow the Russia-Gate narrative, recall how this bizarre story began. Remember Hillary Clinton claimed after 2016 Presidential Elections that Russia Hacked The Election.STILL WAITING FOR EVIDENCE OF A RUSSIAN HACK  Then the Mass Media (Washington Post, NYTimes) Narrative immediately claimed that Trump colluded with Russia TO HACK THE ELECTION. In less than a month, the HACK THE ELECTION charge vanished from the Mass Media Narrative.
What was so FISHY from the GET-GO was that even before Trump took OATH OF OFFICE, he exonerated Hillary Clinton and promised never to prosecute her. (My jaw dropped when Trump parroted NYTimes OpEd storyline “Hillary Clinton has suffered enough.”) He promised to let her off SCOTT FREE! That was in December 2016. That’s crazy as hell, but it’s not you, so relax.
So what’s really going on?
Trump has failed to keep key campaign promises like:
Balancing the Federal Budget & Reducing National Debt
Improving Relations With Russia
Build The Wall between US & Mexico
Revoke Obama’s Illegal DACA Immigration Executive Orders.


Trump has completely failed to stem the flow of low wage foreign labor into the USA. (Example from yesterday- A bipartisan group of Senators is slamming Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen for recently allowing U.S. businesses to import an additional 15,000 low-skilled foreign workers to the country. Senators Slam DHS Secretary Nielsen for Allowing Businesses to Import More Low-Skilled Foreign Workers | Breitbart
We’re NOT supposed to notice that nothing has changed under The Trump Administration. He’s even hired Neocons to manage his needless wars. Trump promised to end US illegal occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya. But instead, he has bombed Syria twice and Afghanistan in the complete absence of Formal Congressional Declaration of War just like Obama.
Take for example the MSM narrative about purported HISTORIC Trump/Un PEACE meeting in Singapore right now. It is obviously another distraction of make-believe diplomacy.
Here’s why the idea that Trump is making peace with North Korea is ludicrous.

Just gaze at the above satellite image of Korean Peninsula. It shows not only light level disparity between North and South Korea, but also the economic disparity as an estimates GDP (gross domestic Product) disparity. Obviously, North Korea is an ECONOMIC DEAD ZONE, yet we’re supposed to believe that despite North Korea’s vast poverty it has somehow developed an awesome NUCLEAR WEAPONS CAPABILITY and ICBMs to deliver them.
If Trump truly wanted to make peace, he could simply remove US troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc, but he won’t do that because we’re getting ready for more needless war with Iran. Remember to make peace Iran has already given up all nuclear development.
So with current MSM DOG AND PONY SHOW Trump pretends to make peace before he makes war against Iran.
It’ll make you crazy, so it’s also GASLIGHTING AMERICA too.
Bottom Line = We’re all supposed to GIVE A SHIT when Mass Media or Democrats BAD MOUTH TRUMP and thereby FORGET TRUMP’S FAILURE TO KEEP CAMPAIGN PROMISES. Americans are supposed to either TURN OFF THEIR MINDS and root FOR or AGAINST Trump OR BELIEVE THEY ARE LOSING THEIR MINDS. This is GASLIGHTING AMERICA.
First Comment from BK:
The mind loves logic – which is “making sense” of things, events, etc.
The mind hates confusion – which is the opposite of logic.
When the mind is in a state of confusion it will immediately seek to escape that state by seeking to understand that which it is confused about.
The mind is very vulnerable at this time because if the state of confusion isn’t soon remedied with obvious and/or verifiable facts then the mind will “latch onto” any explanation/answer which SEEMS logical.
This is a perfect opportunity for “false” truths (explanations/answers/suggestions) to be “offered/planted” and thereby accepted as truth.
I believe the masses are, for the most part, kept in a state of confusion on several issues – not only is it easier to control them that way, especially if they’re unaware of it! – but it causes the mind of the mass to be fertile ground for accepting the desired outcome of the P’sTB.
Confusion can be easily created as your article demonstrates.
I’m reminded of other “confusions” when I hear on the guvment-controlled idiot-box how our veterans are getting poor treatment at the VA but are getting thanked for their service by everyone with a microphone and camera on that very same idiot-box.
Which is it … Treat them like s**t or thank them for being heroes?
I see both sides being offered!
I can see how large portions of the population can be in a state of confusion over these things without even being aware of it…
And if you’re not aware of it then, you’re NOT aware of it! – it’s better for them that way!
This article reminds me of the confusion that is being forced upon the masses.
 “Mass confusion” can easily lead to a mass hypnotic state.


Note: I can use this confusion technique to put a person into a deep state of hypnosis – first by confusing the mind and then offering a SINGLE “way out” of the confusion – the way out is a hypnotic state.
 Can you spot the potential “mass” confusion that this pic implies?
 Which is it … Sexist, or empowering?
This Trump-Russia saga is another “confusion”!

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