Migration Causes Cognitive Dissonance

June 14, 2018



(Don’t meet immigration requirements? No problem.) 
The Illuminati uses migration to attack
and undermine European foundations of the West 
At border stations, people are turned back if they lack
a work visa. Down the road, cops help people
enter the country illegally and hope they find work.
This is cognitive dissonance.
About 30,000 have entered illegally since Jan 2017. Since Jan. 2013,
about 70,000 “refugees” have been accepted, 70% of all applicants.
Canada plans to accept a million immigrants in the next three years and if the trend continues, most will be from Asia and Africa.
by Henry Makow Ph.D.
I came to Canada legally in 1951 as a baby and gained my citizenship when I was seven.
Throughout my life, you had to apply to be an immigrant and be accepted according to your merit. My father had an engineering degree from one of the top universities in Europe.
We always knew there are three billion people on earth who live on $2 a day who would be very happy to come to the West and enjoy generous welfare. There were called “economic migrants.”


Now suddenly, citizenship and borders have been abolished. We are all “human beings.”
Masonic government and media traitors have conflated “immigrant” with “migrant.” Any migrant can claim to be an “asylum seeker” and gain entry, merely by crossing some undefended stretch of the border.
Many economic migrants are steaming across the Canadian border from the US where they are anything but refugees.
We pay police and army to stop intruders. But instead of doing their jobs, they are aiding and abetting them.
In the US, these interlopers are being embraced by liberal “sanctuary cities.” In Europe, it is clear that Illuminati bankers like George Soros are financing the invasion.
These people do not assimilate. They are not welcome. They represent a burden to an already overwhelmed social welfare system. They would not come if their own countries were not impoverished. If the Illuminati really cared, they would build up these economies.


Downtown Winnipeg is starting to look like Mogadishu. I won’t go there unless I have to. I don’t recognize my city and I resent that this transformation is taking place without any discourse or debate. I saw a woman sitting on a sidewalk begging. She would fit into a street scene in Dar es Salaam.  What is the criteria for letting people in? Experience panhandling?
What change made borders obsolete?
Globalism (i.e.nation and race-hatred) is what changed. The Masonic traitors have decided that whites (people of European descent) should become just another minority in their own countries.
This is part of the Illuminati banker agenda to “destroy every collective force except our own” (Protocols of Zion 16.4) These collective forces are the four legs of human identity are nation (patriotism); family (gender); religion (god) and race (miscegenation.) 
 Canada has adopted a racist immigration policy which discriminates against Europeans in favor of Asians and Africans.

things_not_seen_ben_garrison (1).jpg

At the same time, people who object to this demographic change, which has never been publicly debated are branded as “racists.” The public is intimidated into accepting this change whether they like it or not. No other country would tolerate this kind of invasion.
The lapdog liberal press keeps the public in the dark about the effects and costs of migration. What is happening to migrants who are registered and released? How are these people supporting themselves? Has the crime rate increased as in Europe? Are these migrants finding jobs? In Holland, 90% of migrants are unemployed after 30 months.  
I am not a “racist.” I was married to a Filipina, and am in favor of legal immigration that reflects Canada’s European character. I am in favor of skilled hardworking legal immigrants from Asia and Africa. Filipinas are providing wonderful love and care to my aged father. I am against white economic migrants too.


(Gender-confused PM)
At the same time, the Illuminati ensure that Europeans do not propagate by promoting feminism and homosexuality. People from more traditional cultures are immune to this stupidity.
We need a debate on migration and immigration. But we aren’t going to get one. The Illuminati operate by social engineering, imposing their will as in a dictatorship. They pretend to serve some noble humanitarian ideal while supporting the killing and maiming of thousands in Palestine, Syria, and Yemen. They funded and trained ISIS.
We need to ensure that our political leaders meet the same fate as Illuminati flunkies in Italy, Hungary, Austria, and Poland.
We need to recognize that society has been subverted by a powerful satanic cult that wants to disempower and dispossess us. Do not trust government, education or media.

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