Watchdog finds no evidence of nerve agents in Syria’s Douma attack


Introduction — July 7, 2018

The Barzeh facility, which the West claims was a centre for chemical weapons and  which Syria claims was a medical research facility, was hit by Western airstrikes. Click to enlarge

Less than three months have past since the alleged chemical weapons attack on the Syrian town of Douma and the official western narrative on the event is falling apart.
Initially, the U.S. and Britain claimed that Syrian government forces had attacked Douma with toxic nerve agents. In response, together with France, they launched a wave of cruise missile strikes on Syria.
Now it transpires that the organisation tasked with investigating the Douma attack, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has found no evidence that nerve agents were used.
At the time Russia accused Britain of staging the attack and the findings of the OPCW lend weight to that claim.

Watchdog finds no evidence of nerve agents in Syria’s Douma attack

Press TV — July 6, 2018

A chemical weapons watchdog says it has found no evidence of nerve gas at the site of a suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria’s Douma.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) said Friday that its fact-finding mission had instead found traces of a more simple substance, chlorine, possibly used in the area.

The group visited Douma, interviewed witnesses and collected samples roughly a week after the alleged chemical attack in Douma in the Eastern Ghouta region near Damascus on April 7, 2018.

Dozens of civilians were reportedly killed in the attack which the US and its allies were quick to blame on the Syrian government.

Syria and Russia said no chemical attack happened and the incident was staged by a foreign intelligence agency to pressure Damascus in the face of army advances against foreign-backed terrorists.

In its report, the OPCW noted that its designated labs conducted an analysis of the prioritized samples.

Two samples from gas cylinders recovered at the scene tested positive for chlorine, but there was no evidence of nerve agents.

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Comment — July 7, 2018

The OPCW report tends to support claims by a former British Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, that the Douma attack was “staged”. It also backs tweets, later deleted, from a BBC journalist who claimed that the White Helmets were involved in “staging” scenes from the purported government attack for propaganda purposes.
Both of the above reports are entirely consistent with statements from the Russian Defense Ministry, which maintained that the Douma attack was staged.
So evidence that the purported chemical weapons attack by Syrian government forces was staged is mounting.
Yet in its coverage of the OPCW report, the BBC emphasises claims that “chlorine may have been used” in the April attack.
In itself this means nothing because Chlorine has many innocent applications. For example it is used in swimming pools and drinking water as a disinfectant.
What the BBC is trying to do is divert attention from the fact no evidence of nerve agents was found.
Perhaps even more telling is the fact that the BBC report on the OPCWs findings is illustrated with photos of young children being washed to cleanse them of alleged nerve agents.

White Helmets "rescue workers" wash down a purported victim of a Syrian government chemical weapons attack in Douma. This photo accompanied the BBC report on the findings of the OPCW investigation into the Douma 'attack'. Click to enlarge

We don’t know who took the photos but they were used by the White Helmets to publicise their own exploits in Douma.
The thing is the White Helmets are funded by the U.S. and Britain to perform staged scenes that promote the Western narrative on Syria. They are paid to participate in false flag operations where they portray the hapless victims of President Assad’s attacks on civilians, or their brave rescuers.
Although it makes no mention of the White Helmets in its report, the BBC is using photos of an operation they were involved in to publicise the OPCW findings on Douma.
What does this say about the BBC? Can they be trusted when, without acknowledgment, photos of state-funded actors in the false flag operations they are reporting on are used in their news reports?
Call me a “conspiracy theorist” but it sounds like the BBC, and the rest of the corporate media, are working hand-glove with those same agencies that are staging the false flags.

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