UK Intel Agencies Preparing Muslim Insurgency


July 13, 2018



The Muslim population of Britain surpassed 3.5 million in 2016 to become around 5.5% of the overall population of 64 million.
The author is a former British policeman 
who has maintained contacts within the force. 
We can assume that civil disturbances planned 
for the UK also apply to France, Germany and Sweden. 
(Disclaimer- While I cannot personally vouch for this report, England like so many Western countries has been subverted by Freemasons who want to enslave the population. A Muslim insurgency might provide a pretext.) 
By Semper Castleton 
Further to my June 2018 article about the social decline and decay of England, the situation is much worse. 
The following activities are now covertly taking place: 
Arms shipments are coming into Europe to covertly arm Muslims ready for the signal to rampage and create genocide. 
The latest and best mobile phones have been freely distributed by secret intelligence services to UK Muslim migrants. They have been issued under the names of real UK and EU citizens but with false addresses with the full co-operation of the major EU/UK phone companies. Such phone companies are all owned and controlled by the same entities that have conspired in the planned chaos. 
Naturally, good communication is a major aspect of any activity these days.
Detailed instructions have been distributed to Muslim migrants upon arrival with telephone numbers and details about support networks, and organizations to contact and where to go. All these instructions have been written in Arabic and with phrases translated as in guidebooks. 
Many “destitute” migrants have been secretly carrying unbelievably large sums of cash. Who is financing them?
Many destitute migrants have been carrying a large and diverse number of false passports and other documents to fake and forge. This can only be due to the involvement of security and intelligence services sponsoring the Muslim invasion of Europe. It should be noted that the Israeli Mossad is well known for using false passports. 


Have you noticed the “softly softly” approach by the British police and their refusal to investigate most crime that has been committed by the new Muslim migrants? 
The British Police seem reluctant to get involved with Muslim migrants even when the crimes are as serious as rape. Migrant rapists are not bailed but freed every time. So Tommy Robinson does have a good point that the orders come from a high level. 
As in the case of Tommy Robinson, the British Police promptly acts to silence indigenous resistance and any public opposition to police apathy. Generally, the British Police, when they want to, can act quickly but when a crime involves Muslim immigrants, they drag their heels and behave incompetently. British Police reluctance to punish Muslim migrants is all intentional. 
The Muslim migrants have an agenda to rob and steal and threaten to demand what they want. They know they (i) have been given ‘permission’ from someone in authority to be violent and (ii) know that the local British population is unprotected and (iii) that they will not face any punishment for attacking English people. 
Upon arrival in UK or Europe, large numbers of these Muslim migrants go missing. This is never reported on any media platform. They are not absconding to join a family. Excellent accommodation has been made available for them by local authorities. They go missing to join up with a covert military force in secret locations in readiness for the appropriate call-up. 
Within a few years, those missing migrants will reappear as part of an armed terror squad on a massive scale all with the involvement, knowledge, and connivance of the British intelligence/security services. 
Enoch Powell’s rivers of blood UK civil war will happen.
 It will bring about (i) the genocide of the white English, (ii) justify the need for a full European State and (i) increase the white English Christians’ hatred for Muslims and Islam. 
This war is wanted by people higher than the British government. 
Enoch Powell was right!!!!. I keep reminding people of this fact. 
So why have we got a Muslim Mayor of London and a non-English Home Secretary? 
You can expect that future Life in UK will get very uncomfortable. What will you do when a Muslim mob breaks into your house? Call the British Police?  What will they do? 
As I have said before there is no coincidence in life everything happens for a reason. 
First Comment by Marco A-
Regularly I find myself watching old footage of British folk going about their daily tasks. One thing that always strikes me is how poor they were, whether working in the mines or farms. These people worked and lived like slaves for hundreds of years. They fought and bled for “King and Country” every time war was called. They suffered and endured under tyrannical despots since antiquity.
What have they received for all of this?
They are slandered with “white privilege” (an oxymoron – Europeans have suffered more grievously than many other races throughout history), and have had their country pulled from under their feet by their own rulers who they served faithfully – that is their reward. This is a monstrous betrayal.
Their country is handed over to hordes of foreign races who have the audacity to argue that, “Britain has always been a nation of diverse peoples”, meanwhile these scoundrels have never shed a drop of blood for the Isles.
And these poor girls who were used by the Pakistani rape gangs were literally handed back into their hands by the police when they sought safety. It was the local community that had to intervene in order to bring attention to end the rape of their daughters. Was there ever any punishment for the police who did nothing? If not – then we know this is not simply an allowance by the police, but there is an agenda to allow this to happen. Order Ab Chao.
And if the community had to act, then how many other communities where the people are less proactive have these same crimes occurring right now?
Don’t expect a British Muslim to bring any attention to this evil either. Unfortunately, these people are programmed to become apologists for any crime committed in their name – they hate poor press towards Islam more than evil done to helpless victims of lesser faiths.
It is no secret these people largely view Western women as sluts and have no respect for the host nations they invade. What do they care about some poor British girls?
I would not be surprised in the least if these people took up arms and violently attempted to take hold of the country. The only people who will suffer are the poor Brits who have already suffered for centuries. One thing is for sure though, the Masonic rulers will not have a hair on their heads touched… Perhaps they would like Muslim slaves for the next thousand years, the British have fulfilled their purpose. Poor British…
We have to hang these bastards at high noon now or it will be too late to see justice.

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